National Alliance on Mental Illness

For a course project, I had to select a non-profit to redesign their branding. I chose the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). In this project, I used Photoshop for the logo redesign, and InDesign for the booklet, flyer, mailer, and an infographic.


Handout #1

First handout provided to me from NAMI. Using the handout, I scanned it into a PDF to extract the images. Then I used their text to add to the booklet.


Handout # 2

The second handout from NAMI. I took these stats and built an infographic to go along with the booklet. Below is the infographic created for this project.


Finished Booklet

The finished booklet is easy for handing out and fits inside a pocket of jeans.

Below are more of the deliverables produced for the NAMI project.