Previous Work

Previous collection of projects completed during my time at the Univesity of North Texas.

Indesign Manual

Indesign Manual

American West

Using Indesign, I created a manual using the word documents the client provided. 

Adobe Creative Suite Project

Adobe Creative Suite Project

NAMI denton county

Using Adobe Creative Suite products, I created different products including a brochure, flyers, and a business card for the non profit.

Flyer Redesign with Indesign

Flyer Redesign with Indesign

Olive Tree Marketplace

Using Indesign, I created mutiple flyers modeled off their original one for their annual Christmas market. 


First website

Written in Notepad++ with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.


White Paper 

A report on foreign aid and donations.

uxui pic.PNG

UX/UI Report

Using user testing and audience analysis to develop a report on the current state of the website. Presented to Thyssenkrupp professionals.